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Favorite Audio

{Dj-L} The Evil Project Final Techno Song
Evil-Dog - The Last Stand General Rock Song
Madness 6.5 Techno Loop
Skeet Techno Song
Super Mario Land Rock Rem Video Game Song
NES bohemian rhapsody Video Game Song
Monstrous Turtles! Video Game Song
TheSteelFinger (GunsynthRemix) Industrial Song
Darkbeat Techno Song
|-The Basshunter song-| Techno Song
ParagonX9 - Metropolis [8-Bit] Video Game Loop
Evil-Dog - Punk in Metropolis Punk Song
Madness Combat 5 remix Techno Song
T.H.C-Mental Madness Techno Song
ShadowMan Techno Song
Midnight Darkness Trance Song
Battlefield 1942 intro remix Video Game Song
NES-Style: Eye of the Tiger Video Game Loop
ChaozFantasy-Metaljonus Heavy Metal Song
Delta Squad Video Game Song
super mario mix Video Game Song
Super Mario World ROCK! Video Game Song
Super Mario Land Mega Mix Video Game Loop
Mario Mix for Piano Video Game Song
Super Mario Piano Ragtime Video Game Song
Yoshi's Island Remix Video Game Song
Rock'n Temple || Zelda 2 Heavy Metal Song
-Glorious morning- Video Game Song
.:Paranoid:. Drum N Bass Song
Last World War Heavy Metal Song
War's Little Secret Classical Song
War Song - Unfinished Classical Loop
war front turning point Classical Song
War on the Horizon Classical Song
the Composer Classical Song
The Battles Classical Loop
The Battle! Classical Song
the Battle of Grim Island Classical Song
The Battle Is On Classical Song
The Battle Commences Classical Loop
The Battle (old version) Classical Song
Battle theme Classical Song
Battle Preperation Classical Song
Battle Tension Classical Song
Battle for Life (preview) Classical Song
Battl0rz Classical Song
BattIe loop Classical Loop
Battle Fanfare Classical Loop
Battle's End and the Trip Home Classic Rock Song
Battle- Fight Looming Techno Song
Battle time! Techno Song
Battle Crow Techno Loop
Battle Bliss Techno Loop
Battle Atomic Techno Song
Battle 1 against Doomycheese Techno Song
Battle - Rise of Steel Techno Loop
Battle - Banish the Darkness Techno Loop
MC9 Techno Loop
Guitar vs Piano (8bit) Video Game Song
TrainMadness Techno Song
Madness 4 Techno Song
{Dj-L} The Evil Project Techno Song
Hall of the mountin king or so Video Game Song
Big Blue (F-Zero) General Rock Song
LAPD Chase Classical Song
Run'n'Gun Grunge Song
~.:Pianist's Glory.:~ Trance Loop
Rage of the Champions Classical Song
_-={A World at War}=-_ Classical Loop
Remembrance Day (WW2 inspired) Classical Song
Mario World March #3! Video Game Song