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practice first

2009-11-06 16:48:15 by Griffinite

I WAS gonna try to make something for rememberance day on wednesday, but I left myself less than a week to do it and I havnt had much practice with flash. Theres always next year...

Now with FL Studio

2009-09-25 11:52:19 by Griffinite

So yea, I just got FL Studio 8 on my comp and im still learning the ropes really. Hopefully some music to come as well as flash (that is if i stick with a project for long enough :P)

rememberance day project

2009-06-03 13:47:56 by Griffinite

2 things that led me to this idea. first, its the 65th anniversary of D-Day on saturday. second, i was looking through the audio portal and found this stunning composition.
Im gonna start it now so i have enough time in case i have some 'off' periods between now and november. itll be posted on the 11th of the 11th, heres hoping i can make it with enough quality to honour the veterans and their friends that were lost in the battles.
i know its mostly for WWI but the second is just as important as the first and itll be set in 1939-45.

money for your opinion :D

2009-05-10 05:47:04 by Griffinite

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If anyone cares...

2009-04-25 12:44:59 by Griffinite

Heres my first screenie for a new project im workin on. Damn, i must have started about 10 others but not got far with em. This will hopefully be carried through to the end.

If anyone cares...

like bf1942 and bein stupid?

2009-03-29 07:06:21 by Griffinite

this may come in handy :D